Yimsyam Spa & Nails was started because of a growing demand for an Authentic Thai massage experience in Cape Town. It is located in Sandown Road Sunningdale, which is in the Blouberg area. There's nothing worse than paying an arm and a leg for a massage and left feeling exactly the same way as when you arrived — tight, stiff, and stressed. At Yimsyam Spa & Nails we ensure that you feel amazing after every session and that the positive effects last for days, if not weeks.


What is a Thai Massage?

Thai massages takes place on a big floor mat and is an assisted relaxing yoga session where a masseuse manipulates your body and applies gentle pressure to your muscles. Each session usually lasts around one to two hours and just like yoga, your breathing is very important since it will aid you through each pose.

Thai masseuses are trained to use both soft and hard pressure. The masseuse will guide you through various poses working the ten different energy lines that are said to treat different organs on these energy meridians. Because of this, a Thai massage helps to balance your qi (energy), which in turn can promote healing. Unlike Swedish massage where you lie in one position, the different poses in a Thai massage forces fresh circulation to specific areas of your body, helping with lymphatic drainage and the return of blood to the heart and digestion.

Some Thai massage masseuses will hold onto ropes for balance while pressing his or her feet into your back or legs. The ropes provide additional balance and support for the masseuse while releasing deep tissue during your massage.

Although you'll be moving around, Thai massages are really quite relaxing since they return your body to a Zen-like state. At the end of each session you will always feel extremely calm and relaxed and ready to conquer the world. You may even notice on day two or three how lose your once tight muscles and stiff joints still feel.



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